About Us

MotorWest Performance Inc. specializes in fuel injection cleaning and calibration. We also offer a select line of premium fuel injectors, both new and refurbished.

Our facility is currently equipped with 5 European made flow benches (not Chinese) and multiple ultrasonic tanks to provide quick, quality service.

We service TBI (throttle body injectors), MPI (standard fuel injectors), and GDI (Direct injection) units.

No carburetor, piezo, diesel, mechanical, or spider injector service is available at this time.

Our team is backed by 20+ years of experience in the auto repair industry.

Our Fuel Injector Cleaning Process

With over a decade in the industry, we’ve acquired the experience and knowledge to provide our customers with quality service at an affordable price.

Below you will find the typical process most injectors go through, though some require more steps, depending on the injector model.

  • Thorough Electrical Inspection
  • Preliminary testing to determine injector condition.
  • Disassemble and externally clean injectors
  • Internally clean via numerous ultrasonic baths
  • Back-flush to remove any internal debris left behind
  • Flow test injectors and gather data. If more cleaning is necessary the process above is repeated.
  • Once injectors are back up to OE specifications they are then lubricated to extend shelf life
  • Injectors are reassembled with new OEM high-quality components (seals, 0-rings, caps, filters, etc.)
  • Injectors are carefully packaged along with test data and sent back to the customer