MotorWest Performance, Inc. specializes in remanufacturing / cleaning of fuel injectors. We service most top feed, side feed, and GDI fuel injectors (we are currently not servicing any diesel components).

With over a decade in the industry, we’ve acquired the experience and knowledge to provide our customers with quality service at an affordable price.

Below you will find the typical process most injectors go through, though some require more steps, depending on the injector model.

  • Thorough Electrical Inspection
  • Preliminary testing to determine injector condition – This is where we call you with what we find and gather performance information if needed.
  • Disassemble and externally clean injectors – metal body injectors are bead blasted to remove paint and rust
  • Internally clean via numerous ultrasonic baths while activating injectors using special solutions
  • Back-flush to remove any internal debris left behind (multi-step process)
  • Flow test injectors and gather data. If injectors are not back up to specs, the previous 2 steps are performed until we achieve the results we’re looking for. Depending on their condition some fuel injectors may spend up to 8 hours in ultrasonic baths.
  • Once injectors are back up to OE specifications they are then lubricated to extend shelf life
  • Injectors are reassembled with new OEM high quality components (seals, 0-rings, caps, filters etc..)
  • Final step – Injectors are carefully packaged along with test data for your records and sent back via USPS or FedEx. Whichever service is preferred.




Standard Top Feed Fuel Injectors: $20 per injector

Side Feed / Gallery Fuel Injectors: $22 per injector

GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) Fuel Injectors: $35 per injector


*Price includes all new injector components (o-rings, grommets, seals, caps, filters, etc.) and flow test data




Additional Premium Services

  • Fuel injector exchange program. If you’d like to avoid the down time associated with sending in your injectors and waiting for them to be serviced, we offer an exchange program. Please note this is only available for injectors we have in stock at the time you contact us. Our inventory changes daily. To inquire about the program please give us a call at 747-888-9768
  • Pricing:
    • $25 per injector with returned cores in refurbishable condition
    • $10 charge per injector not returned or not in condition to be refurbished (broken connectors / tabs / pintle tips)