Mahle Original Throttle Body Gasket G32157 22271-62040 WP-268688


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MAHLE ORIGINAL Throttle Body Gasket

Innovative product design and high quality materials allows us to
provide gaskets to meet specific engine requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved reliability, durability, and engine performance
  • Embossment shapes designed to improve durability
  • Stopper layer can be designed with topography to optimize load balance


Toyota 4Runner 1996-2000 3.4 V6
Toyota T100 1995-1998 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 1995-1997 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 1995-1999 SR5
Toyota Tacoma 1995-2003 DLX 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 1998-2000 Limited
Toyota Tacoma 1998-2003 Pre Runner 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 2000 SR5 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 2001-2003 S-Runner
Toyota Tacoma 2002-2003 3.4 V6
Toyota Tacoma 2004 Base 3.4 V6
Toyota Tundra 2000-2002 3.4 V6


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